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You are most welcome to Gaia Wu Designs, here you can find graphics and secrets hidden away by Moro (morochan). Feel free to browse around and take whatever catches your eye but do keep in mind the rules, we do not welcome thieves. If you have any suggestions or requests don't hesitate to contact me. Are you ready?

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Because everyone has their own ichiban...
So today marks the beginning of another graphics site. I have decided to say bye bye to 'Moonless Magic' since its main focus was on anime and manga and my interest now lies with "real" people which explains why the layout features the boys from Arashi. Since everyone (who is an arshian) have their own ichiban I've decided not to leave anyone out, so every time a page is refreshed a different header should appear, I'm sorry if it sometimes take an extra second to load, the script likes to take its time to choose the next image. This layout is compatible with both Firefox and IE, I don't have any other browsers but I think it should look fine, if anyone would like to confirm it please leave a comment.
Shouted on 25 Aug 2008