A little change :: 2012-12-20

Some of you might have noticed that a password is no longer required to extract newly uploaded magazine. This is because a handful of visitors had troubles with file extraction. Since I don't think it made much difference, I decided to remove it all together. Hopefully this will make things easier for you too.
May I take this opportunity to remind you that re-uploading these magazines to other hosting site is not allowed, if you like to share something you can use the links that I provide (it also helps to keep them alive for longer), just remember to have a link back to Zasshiko. Well with that said, enjoy and keep reading.

Malika :: 2013-04-29 :: ip: logged
Thank you very much!))))))
Diane :: 2013-03-29 :: ip: logged
You're an angel!
Alyssa :: 2013-01-26 :: ip: logged
Oh thank you dear !!!
Mio chan :: 2013-01-16 :: ip: logged
Thanks you ^3^
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