Assessments! :: 2013-03-27

Hello my dearies,
Have you been keeping well? Its spring time!! Though it's still snowing and pretty miserable where I am, I'm looking forward for some warmer weather. Since many many years ago, I have never been able to enjoy this wonder season. Do you know why? That's right assessments!! I'm sure many of you still in academic studies know that this is a hectic time for students. Unfortunately, this year is no different from the past years. I'll be focusing on essay writing for the next few weeks so things might be a little slower here on Zasshiko. I actually can't resist uploading sometimes so don't worry it won't be a halt completely.

Note to my dear donators: It's actually way easier and quicker for me to upload on my own little server, so I'll still upload there very frequently. The updates won't appear on the main site so please click here to view the latest magazines. Think of it as an extra little thank you for your support.

denny :: 2013-12-09 :: ip: logged
thank you* oops
denny :: 2013-12-09 :: ip: logged
Take you so much for keeping this site running! It's truly amazing :)♥
yoba :: 2013-08-20 :: ip: logged
thanks for the uploads! just a heads up - the link for zipper 2013-07 goes to 2013-06 issue. :(
happinessdesu :: 2013-06-11 :: ip: logged
Thank you for your hard work, goodluck and take care!(^_^)
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