Free Access Hiatus :: 2013-12-17

As most of you have noticed things have been pretty slow lately on Zasshiko. A few months ago my computer started to act up and it had to be sent back for repairs. After much waiting and delay it was finally returned to me however the problem still persisted and it had to be sent back. This cycle kept on happening and today is the third time my poor computer is sent back to "hospital". Of course such circumstances took a negative toll on all my pc-related work including Zasshiko. I am currently working from an old laptop which is not ideal. The magazine backlog steadily grew bigger, however with the resources I possessed there was no way I could process it like I normally do. Uploading to Depositfiles (or any free hosting sites) took forever and often failed so I had to temporary stop that service. As uploading to my personal sever was much quicker the donators' service continued. I saw little point to stop both services as it would only increase my workload when everything was normal again.
A handful of people took this opportunity to badmouth Zasshiko and me which I do not appreciate to say the least. For the past few years I have spent endless hours working on this site, like you I also have a "real life" that needs looking after and it may surprise you but that is really time consuming. Appreciation for the site has been dwindling, yet the number of using the site is not. I haven't really complained about this before but recent comments that I've been reading is not all that motivating.
More than anything I want everything to return to normal but sometimes it doesn't happen as you plan or wish.

Initially I wanted to resume free access with January 2014 issues and I still aim to do so. However, I have a few things to ask of you. Please remember that Zasshiko is maintained as a hobby by a person who just wants to share Japanese fashion. If you have time drop me a note now and then, it is nice to know who my visitors are in words rather than a number on a statistics page.

Oh wells, rant finished! I would also like to say a big thank you to those who are waiting patiently and supports Zasshiko. Honestly, this site is alive because of you!

Julie :: 2015-12-30 :: ip: logged
Thank you so much for what you do, this site has been my go to for years when i get back into japanese culture every now and then. Amazing maintenance over the years.
Aubrie :: 2015-11-21 :: ip: logged
Oh no! I know I'm late on this post, but I would like to thank you so much for managing this site and upkeeping it so well! I really appreciate your effort, and although others may not, I hope they don't bring you down because what you do for us readers is amazing :). Thank you for all your hard work!

Justin :: 2015-01-18 :: ip: logged
I am probably just one of those numbers so I apologize. I stop in from time to time and find the resources and inspiration for my photography from these scans and I really appreciate it.

I was just scrolling down to see if there were new updates and I found this post. I can tell how much time goes into doing this, much less, for free and as a hobby.

Thank you so much. I'll make sure to comment and visit more often :)
Tama :: 2014-12-18 :: ip: logged
Your site is amazing and you put such hard work into it. It's so hard to find Japanese magazines available for download so I know this is a valuable resource for many of us. Thank you so much for everything that you do!
Hinote :: 2014-12-05 :: ip: logged
Hi, I was wondering if paid users get access to the high quality downloads (say, the 100mb or so files, when they are available)? I had paid access before, but found that the only files exclusive to paid users were really low quality - and therefore, let me subscription lapse.

I'd be happy to pay again for the hi-quality stuff! :D

Thanks again!
Andre :: 2014-12-01 :: ip: logged
I just want to say thanks!! This site is amazing and I gladly pay so I can have access to it, I think it's a very fair price. I'd like to recommend some new titles but I totally understand why you're not accepting suggestions at the moment! Anyway, don't let the few that try and badmouth get you down and keep up the amazing work! Thank you for everything
Nayu :: 2014-11-22 :: ip: logged
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work on this site and on sharing! It's very appreciated. I hope you're having a lovely day <3 Much love.
Sue :: 2014-10-08 :: ip: logged
I just want to let you know that I really appreciate for all the hard work you've put in for us. Thank you so much for uploading these wonderful magazines. ^_^
Vivi~* :: 2014-09-13 :: ip: logged
Sorry to hear about your computer problems!!! It must be frustrating. Thank you sooo much for doing a great job maintaining this site!!! *big pat on the back* It is a luxury for me to be able to download the magazines from your website for free! Thank you again for your generosity and all the effort to get the scans online!! :) I hope everything will get back to normal for you soon!
tokyo :: 2014-06-01 :: ip: logged
Thank you so much for you time and effort on this site. It really is amazing how you have kept this site going on by yourself. If it weren't for this, I would not get to read Japanese magazines :( I really appreciate it. Thanks so much Zasshiko.
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